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Recent Ramblings

trying to survive until graduation

5 February
Hi! How are you doing?

When I am around, which isn't often, I'm sarcastic, usually, but with bouts of being occasionally whiny (for which I do apologize). I am a bibliophile, addicted to all kinds of books. When asked if I would rather breathe or read, I chose read. Before you ask... Yes, I have issues.I am also boring, at least in my eyes (but if you find what I write interesting who am I to argue). I am lucky to have smart, talented and creative friends both on Live Journal and in in the shared reality off the net, and I depend on them for my sanity and entertainment.

I am hoping to be here more frequently , chronicling my adventures in PA. We'll see how that goes, eh?

So any way, if you are so inclined (if you are still reading this) read, make comments, whatever.

If I added you as a friend, please don't be offended. I like your writing style. I enjoy what you've written. Take it as a compliment because it is meant to be.