Okay...I have a question

On NPR there seems to be a debate going on about Free Trade and how it's exporting our jobs overseas/out of the US. Can anyone tell me what Free trade does...and/or how it affects us. I'm asking because what I am getting from the conversation is

1) We want to pay as little as possible for goods and services.
2) We do not want to pay others for these goods and services. (Also relates to the bitch about Immigration).
3) If WE make these things, we want to be paid top dollar for our work...which is not what business owners are willing to pay.

So...wouldn't this fall into the "You can't have your cake and eat it too" category?
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Plague Update

So...went to the MD today.Collapse )
Have I mentioned that I not only hate doctors, but they don't listen to their patients? Maybe I just need to find another MD...one that listens.

On the bright side...my "application" to the credential department is complete. I had a hold on my record this morning (my financial aid had not finished going through...and I had to pay the outstanding fee...to be reimbursed sometime this week). I have to attend the application meeting for the student teaching part of the program...and my certificate of clearance and sub permit still haven't finished processing. The hoops are never ending, and my legs are getting tired of jumping.

Maybe it's just the plague. Have a good one...I'm going to bed.
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mac hall biohazard

Plague-girl riseth


I'm unimpressed with the fact that phlegm comes in rainbow colors, and I'd really like the invisible giant to get the heck off of my chest (so's I can breathe). I've been told to get lots of rest, not do anything to stressful, and in general not have any fun.

Bleh. Gotta get better before Monday when school starts again.
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I got my grades! This semester I got 5 A's and 1 B. Not to shabby, considering I gave up on the class I got a B in. *happy tushy dance*

Now I get to resend in my transcripts showing that I am a graduate back into the Credentialling Commission.

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(no subject)

Merry Yule everyone. I shall light a candle for each of my friends, and invite the sun back into my life. Blessings for a fantastic new year!

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I DID IT!!!!!

I managed to finish this semeseter and not kill anyone!!! yay me. I finished my last major paper at 2 o'clock this morning. It's 11 pages long...not 15, but that is more due to the fact that the syllabus only calls for 10-15...and while I may resemble Hermione at times, there is a limit to how much I'm willing to write about Puritans. I'm just waiting for grades now...

Ooo...I do know one grade though. I got an A in my hated ETEC (computer class)...I disagree with one of the answers I got wrong on the final, but I got an A and will let it go...eventually.

I think I'll go print up the paper...and then crash. I'm a bit tired.